Monday, March 25, 2019

3rd Grade Parent Resources for MAAP test prep & questions presented by Miss McFarland student intern

Online Resources for MAAP Practice

Reading Practice Passages
  1. Sign up for a free account as a student
  2. Once logged in click the library tab
  3. Click grade level
  4. Click 3rd-4th
  5. Pick a passage for your child to work on

Writing Practice Resource
  1. Writing Resource

MAAP Practice Tests/Questions
  1. Test preparation heading
    1. Click view test preparation
    2. Click practice tests
  2. Click view English Language Arts/Literacy Practice Tests
  3. Click 3rd Grade
    1. Click Computer-Based Unit 1
    2. When your child completes Unit 1 you can do unit 2 and 3
  1. The link should download a practice test
  2. Page 8 is where the practice test begins
  1. Click ELA under 3rd Grade Practice Tests
  2. Select I am a parent
  3. Select Mississippi
  4. Click practice now
  5. Select any of the sessions
  1. Click “family” then “assessment”
  2. Then on the right hand side click “Mississippi academic assessment program (MAAP) parent resources”
  3. Choose ELA/Math item samplers and practice test
  4. And then follow instructions from there